lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016

Música de la semana: Playlist del 14 - 20 de Marzo


Esta semana se nos terminan dos series, una de ellas de las más habituales de la playlist, Pretty Little Liars. El resto de las series que han tenido música han venido bien cargadas... :)

Lucifer 1x08: Et tu, Doctor?
Rebel, rebel by David Bowie
Devil in your eyes by Bruises
Devil like you by Gareth Dunlop
Hellbent  by Mysterie Skulls
I get it my way by  Paul Otten

Pretty Little Liars 6x20: Hush hush,sweet liars
Bittersweet by Archis
Fur Elise by Beethoven
Wrong victory  by Ms Mr
When I open my eyes by Kandace Lindsey
Wanted by Nic D' & the believers
Fire in my bones by Fleurie
Home by Rhodes
Let's work together by Andy Taylor
Shadowhunters 1x10: This world inverted
Free by Before the brave
Wake me up by Andrew SiD
Skiss 2  by Alice Bowman
The machine  by Chris Bohn
Sccop by APM

The Grinder 1x18: Genesis
Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls

American Crime Story 1x07: Conspiracy theories 
Chained and bound by Ottis Redding
Pain in my heart by Ottis Redding

Younger 2x11: Secrets & Liza
Leaving by Captain Funk
Rock your world  by Shanks Mansell

Scandal 5x14: I see you
Nessun dorma by Aretha Franklin

HTGAWM 5x14: I see you
I'll be there  by Franciene Thomas
Chevrotain  by Dawn Golden
Back to the start byDigital Daggers
Too bright  by Perfume Genius

Elementary 4x17: You got me, who's got you?
Back home  by Daniel Spaleniak

Quantico 1x14:Answer
Mess around  by Cage the elephant
California by Mazzy Star
Too late to say goodbye by Cage the elephant

¡Hasta el próximo lunes!

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