lunes, 14 de marzo de 2016

Música de la semana: playlist del 7 - 13 de Marzo


Hoy toca entrada de música, ya lo sabéis. Algunas de las series habituales se han despedido esta semana y otras están en parón pero aún así tenemos bastantes canciones nuevas :)


Lucifer 1x06: Wingman
Talking body by Tove lo
Before the light takes us by Darkness Falls
Get some freedom  by Big data
Getting Surreal  by The Fratellis
Hurt by Lucifer Cast (Tom Ellis)
Breath into me by Marian Hill

Jane the virgin 2x14: Chapter Thirty - Six
Serendipity by The Dynamites
Glory be by 5 alarm music

Pretty Little Liars 6x19: Dis you miss me?
Granted by My brothers and I
Private party by Dungeonesse
Sum of love by Jee Day
Adagio from concerto for 2 mandolins by Finn Svit & Prof. BErnd Ablert
Call me by Blondie
Call me by Nikka Costa
Shadowhunters 1x09: Rise up
Start'Em up by APM Music
Who Am I by Andrew Judah

Teen Wolf 5x20: Apotheosis
The river by Blues Sartace
Better Off by Filious

New Girl 5x10: Goosebumps walkaway
The humpty dance by Digital underground
The hustle by Van McCoy
Bounce back by Early Earl

American Crime Story 1x06: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia
Chained and bound by Ottis Redding
Work to do by The isley brothers
That lady by The isley brothers
What abour your friends by TLC
Kiss from a Rose by Seal
Sour times by Portishead

Younger 2x10: Bad romance
Across the sky by Nikki Flores
Bleeding love by ASTR

DC's Legends of  Tomorrow 1x0: Night of the hawk
We're gonna rock around the clock by Bill Haley & his comets
Fall in love with me by Joe Montgomery
She used to be my girl by Tony Perkins
These blues are here to stay by Roy "boggie boy" Perkins

The 100 3x08: Terms and conditions
Remains by Algiers

Elementary 4x16: Hounded
Stories by Big Little Lions

¡Hasta el próximo lunes!

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