lunes, 18 de abril de 2016

Música de la semana: Playlist del 11 - 17 de Abri


Empezamos la semana con la entrada de la música que ha sonado en los últimos capítulos emitidos. Ya sabéis que las que no están en la lista es que no tenían música o no he podido encontrarla ;)

Gotham 1x17: Wrath of the villains: Into the woods
Leaving gets you nowhere by Michelle McKibbon

Blindspot 1x16: Mans telepathic loyal lookouts
Imagine that by Patsy Cline

Lucifer 1x11: St. Luciifer
Emotional rescue by The Rolling Stones
Epic by Becca Kotte
Devil may care by Tom Ellis (Lucifer cast)
Feel save by All we are
It's not unusual by Tom Jones
Alena by Yumi Zouma
Daylights gone by Motopony
This is war by Wall*hall
Eyes that kill by Cobee Cooo

Jane the virgin 2x17: Chapter Thirty - Nine
Neon by Queen of hearts
Poppin Bottles  by Skully Boyz

Stitchers 2x04: The two deaths of Jamie B.
Impatience by Saturn Missiles
Distance by Mike Sempert
Hollow tree by Old man canyon
New me by Big beat bronson
Satellite Moon by Strand of oaks
Your magazines by Brain Tand
Words by The kite string tangle

Faking It 3x05: Third wheels
Bury it there by Kimberly Anne
New life by POP ETC
Do what you like by Jasmine Ash
Come out and play by The Sweet Serenades
Before by Whitaker

New Girl 5x14: 300 Feet
Hands to myself by Selena Gomez
The heart wants what it wants by Selena Gomez
Now I see by Tessa Rose Jackson

The Catch 1x04: The princess and the I.P
Don't wanna fight by Alabama Shakes
Crest by Antlers
Dreams by Robot Koch

Elementary 4x21: Ain't nothing like the real thing
Ofai tere by Claudine
Exurgenci by Zoe Keating

The Originals 3x18: The devil comes here and sighs 
Midnight on the bayou by Meschiya Lake and the Little big horns
My dear by Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics
Pork rind by Blackfoot Gypsies
Alone by The howling tongues
The man says by Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics
Under my skin by Blackfoot Gypsies
Turns to gold by Jimmi Charles Moody
Looking for a better thing by Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics

The Vampire Diaries 7x18: One way or another
Still standing by Electric owls
Honey bee by Rogue wave
Oh light by Raffy Lata
Why are you not rocking? by Monster truck
Brussels by Waxhead
Top guy by Thrust
Staring down the dust by Ten commandos
Citrus by Millions
I get to love you by Ruelle

Outlander 2x02: Not in Scotland anymore
Te Deum for Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra, H 146: Prélude. Rondeau

by Les Musiciens du Louvre & Marc Minkowski

Armide LWV 71, Passacaglia by Jean-Baptiste Lully

Quantico 1x18: Soon
Who I thought you were by Santigold
Music take me by Music ofseven bells
Easy by Sarah Elizabeth Charles
Before the fire by Santigold

¡Hasta el próximo lunes!

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