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Música de series (I)

¡Hola a todos! 

Hoy he decidido recuperar una sección del blog que no he podido hacer en los últimos meses ya que he estado muy liada y no he sido capaz de tener todas las secciones al día. En realidad la sección contiene las entradas con la música de la semana, la que suena en los capítulos de las series que emiten y veo - normalmente - pero en esta ocasión he decidido hacer un especial que tenga toda la música que ha habido desde que empezó la temporada, así al final de la semana podré volver al hábito de escribir la entrada semanal.

Como son muchas series he decidido dividir este especial en dos partes, en esta primera pondré la música de las series que se emiten los lunes, martes y miércoles. El formato es el mismo que había en la entrada semanal, serie - capítulo + título - canción. Los capítulos que no estén es porque no han utilizado música o no he conseguido identificar la canción.

¡Espero que encontréis algunas que os gusten!


2x01: Damned if you do
  • Perfect Day - Lou Reed
  • The body of an american - The Pogues
  • Slowdive - Siouxsie & the Banshees
2x02: Knock, knock
  • In a sentimental mood - Duke Ellington & John Coltrane
  • Rising sun - Essay Like Nephew
2x03: The last laugh

  • The dirty boogie - The Brian Setzer Orchestra
2x04: Strike force
  • Just a gigolo /I ain't got nobody - Louis Prima 
  • I love how you love me - Bobby Vinton
2x05: Sacrification
  • Tension - Killing Joke
  • Piano trio No.2 in E-Flat Major, D.929: II. Andante con moto - Kungsbacka Piano trio
2x06: By fire
  • Arabesque No.1 - Peter Schmalfuss 
  • Back to Life - Blackout 
  • Sugar - Peggy Lee
2x07: Mommy's little monster

  • Closer to the bone - Loius Prima & Sam Butera & The Witnesses


2x01: Chapter Twenty-Three 
  • Secret River - CTZNSHP
  • Leich Audi tellus - Schola Gregoriana Pragensis
  • Messiah: Amen - George Frideric Handel
2x02: Chapter Twenty-Four
  • Department of Deception - Nick Phoenix & Thomas J. Bergersen
  • Zao Chun Tan - Haoyue Kuang
2x03: Chapter Twenty-Five
  • Cripple Me - Rebecca Roubion
  • For Those in Peril - Peter Lea-Cox
2x04: Chapter Twenty-Six
  • Hot in Herre - Nelly
  • Night Moves - Christian Cambas
  • Glitter Bomb - Kyle Sherard Moorman, Bruce Fingers & Billie Ray Fingers
  • Zoom, Zoom, Zoom - Cut One & Meg Cottone
  • Surrender - Natalie Taylor
1x01 Pilot
  • Black Lemon - Generationals
  • She's a Bad Mama Jama - Carl Carlton
1x02: Stronger together
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar
8x01: XY
  • Kings - Tribe Society
8x02: XX
  • Georgia - Phoebe Bridgers
  • Shots Go Off - Cypress Hill & Rusko
  • Happy Song - Bring Me the Horizon
  • Lies - Thompson Twins
8x05: The nose
  • Into You - Low

2x01: The man who saved Central City
  • Renegades - X Ambassadors
2x03: Family of rogues
  • It Could Never Stop - Tiger Waves
  • Famous - Charli XCX
  • I'm a Raven - Hiss Golden Messenger
  • Never Been In Love - Cobra Starship
2x04: The fury of Firestorm
  • Foolish - Alpine
2x05: The darkness and the light
  • Melt Me - Hanni El Khatib
  • You're No Good - Linda Ronstadt
  • Dani's Blues - Bop English

3x04: Devils you know
  • Box and Crown - The Inner Banks
1x01: Pilot
  • No Easy Way Out - Bad Mannequins
  • Future Club - Perturbator
  • Let's Get It On -Marvin Gaye
1x02: Badge! Gun!
  • Distance - Andrew Jackson Jihad
  • I'm Beginning To Think You Prefer Beverly Hills 90210 To Me - Fight Like Apes
  • Love the Night Away - DJ Kaos
  • Jet Pack - Dog Party
  • Eclipse - Perturbator
1x03:The legend of Marcos Ramos
  • Dogs - Bird Dog
  • Shaftwork - Andrew Oye
  • Supermaster - A Place to Bury Strangers
1x04: Page 44
  • Green Theme - Baroness
1x05: Personality crisis
  • Dylan's Ride Home - Nick Evans Mowery
  • Slaughter of the Soul - At the Gates
  • Mr. Sandman - Chordettes
  • She Is Young, She Is Beautiful, She Is Next - Perturbator
  • Superhero -Jane's Addiction
  • Get em ready - Nick Anderson
1x06: Side effects may include...
  • Hand of Doom - Brown Sabbath & Brownout
  • Apocalyptic Havoc - Goatwhore
  • N.I.B. - Brown Sabbath & Brownout
1x07: Brian Finch's black op
  • Los Angeles -X
  • Love Missile F1-11 - Sigue Sigue Sputnik
  • Oh Yeah - Yello

1x01: Pilot
  • Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson
  • Cat's In the Cradle - Harry Chapin
  • The Walker - Fitz & The Tantrums
  • Another Day - Jamie Lidell
  • Wouldn't It Be Nice - The Beach Boys
  • Fake Empire - The National
1x02: Dad face
  • Get Some Freedom - Big Data
  • On the Regular - Shamir
  • The Bleeding Heart Show - The New Pornographers
1x03: Guy's night
  • Beer for Breakfast - The Replacements
  • The Promise - When In Rome
1x04: Deadbeat
  • Pictures of You - The Cure
1x05: Edie's two dads
  • The Stroke - Billy Squier
  • Get Up - Wiretree
4x01: Green Arrow
  • All Eyes On You - St. Lucia
4x05: Haunted
  • How You Do It (Deluxe Version) - Good Looking Animals


2x01: The mystery of the taken boy
  • Watching the Detectives - Elvis Costello
2x02: The mystery of the cure to loneliness
  • What a Man - Linda Lyndell
2x03: The mystery of the locked box
  • Breaking the Rules - Jack Savoretti
  • Infinity Guitars - Sleigh Bells
2x04: The mystery of the convict menor
  • Ex's & Oh's - Elle King
  • Loving Can Hurt - Bryce Menchaca
  • Photograph - Ed Sheeran
2x05: The mystery of the watery grave
  • All the Pretty Girls - Kaleo
  • Stitches (Acoustic) - Shawn Mendes ft. Hailee Steinfeld
2x06: The mystery of the dead heat
  • Jealous - Nick Jonas
2x07: The mystery of the maternal instict
  • Home Sweet Home - Maggie Eckford


3x03: Actual physical violence
  • 1978 - Atomic Tom

2x01: The sweater people
  • Get Dat Money - Blac Haze
  • Gangsta - Bushwalla
  • What I Want - Dria
  • Shallow Dive - The Pica Beats
2x03: Bron dead
  • Flood's New Light - Thee Oh Sees
  • Hundred Grand Baby - Northern League
  • Drop it "remix" - Northern League
  • Fences - Magic Bronson
  • Sure As Spring - La Luz
2x04:All about that paper
  • New Skin - TORRES
2x05: We can do better than this
  • Hold the Line - Jack and Eliza
2x06: Side bitch
  • Beginning to Blue - Still Corners
  • Don't Fall In Love - Still Corners
2x07: There is not currently a problem
  • Poor Old Ra - The Pica Beats
2x08: Spooky sunday funday
  • Hundred Grand Baby (feat. FS) - Northern League
  • Burnt Concrete - Theories
  • Paradise - Wild Yaks
2x09: LCD soundsystem
  • We Can All Be Friends - Iain Archer
  • Misunderstanding - This Is the Kit

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